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What I learned about women’s rights working in Asia

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This week I was excited to have a guest post featured on We Talk Women, about my experience working in women’s rights. I first connected to cofounder Kavita when I saw her tweets on a special event she was organizing in Toronto for International Women’s Day, as part of Women for Women International‘s “Join Me on the Bridge“.

I’ve recently returned to Toronto, after living abroad for eight+ years, and spending the past 18 months in Thailand with the leading women’s rights network in Asia Pacific, and at an innovative social enterprise for refugee women from Burma. Prior to that I had volunteered for two years with an award-winning refugee aid NPO in Tokyo, Japan, leading their PR and marketing, and reviewing funding proposals for projects supporting women and children.

It was flattering to be asked, and it was a good exercise to look back after a pretty intense learning curve. Women continue to face severe oppression in Asia Pacific, and around the world. And despite world leaders espousing that women are the future, they are not getting space at the table. So defenders are leading change from the ground up, foregoing the traditional methods by setting up innovative partnerships and creating their own spaces to have impact.

More on that soon, but here’s my post with five key things about women’s rights that stood out for me: http://www.wetalkwomen.org/sarahmatsushitainburmathailand/


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